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  • 50mm Solid Profile Chain

NEPEAN Longwall


NEPEAN Longwall has just delivered another two sets of Fasing 50mm Solid Profile Chain and Flights to a Queensland customer. This is the fourth set Fasing have delivered into the Australian market and with runs on the board the chain shows great promise for dealing with the harsh water and wear conditions in the Bowen Basin seams. Fasing chain is manufactured and assembled in Poland and the experienced chain manufacturer is the largest producer of mining chains in the world. The chain is also available in galvanised form if required. The 50mm Solid Profile chain features a forged vertical link which gives the chain its unique look. Fasing also manufacture a 50mm Block Connector for this chain. The design of the Fasing Block chain connector has been proven to outstrip the competition for longevity – sometimes lasting twice as long.

For inquiries about Fasing Longwall AFC and BSL chain please contact Mark O’Toole.