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    Coal Clearance System

NEPEAN Longwall’s foundation product and a core focus of the business is longwall AFC equipment.

Since our inception, we have supplied coal clearance equipment to over 18 longwall faces with more than 3,000 AFC pans delivered to the market to date.

NEPEAN Longwall’s standard 1,000mm raceway AFC has been proven in many longwall systems to provide customers with outstanding durability, longevity, enduring structural design and ease of overhaul.

Our latest design provides customers with significant industry leading benefits:

  • Lower in height
  • Improved loading and horizon control, and
  • Superior wear characteristics with 50 mm top deck plate thickness and 30 mm bottom plate thickness.

NEPEAN Longwall’s AFC pans are fabricated using cast steel side sections (sigmas) with either Bisalloy 450 or Hardox 450 deck plates, which have proven to be a long-lasting combination in terms of both wear resistance and crack-resistant fatigue performance.

Our AFC pans are operating successfully over a broad range of low and thick seam applications, carrying shearers up to 120-tonne with 2 x 900 kW cutter motors.

The standard NEPEAN Longwall AFC drive arrangement uses our Class 45 size drive-frames designed to accept 855 kW powertrains and 42 mm Solid Profile (forged vertical link) AFC chain.

The Maingate cross-frame and integrated non-driven return end (NDRE) are sized for 38 mm Solid Profile Chain BSL chain while achieving a minimum overall height equivalent to 34 mm DIN chain. Similarly, the tensional tailgate drive with 1,000 mm stroke caters for an 855 kW powertrain.