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  • Chain and Flights

NEPEAN Longwall’s business partner for chain and flights is FASING – an established international market leader with state-of-the-art facilities and the largest global manufacturer of mining chains.

Our product portfolio comprises of chains from 34 mm to 65 mm.   Adherence to all international standards is offered including relevant DIN standards for flat and round link, together with the FASING’s patented Master Profile (broadband style) mining chains and the Solid Profile Chains (broadband equivalent).

Chains can be supplied pre-fitted with flight bars, or separately as chain and flight bars. NEPEAN Longwall also offer overhaul of customers’ chains at our workshops that are conveniently located close to customer’s operations.

In recent times, NEPEAN Longwall has delivered chain and flight assemblies to various customers such as Oaky North Mine, Carborough Downs, the South32 Illawarra group of mines and others.