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  • Haulage Rack

    PRS Cylinders

NEPEAN Longwall’s PRS replacement cylinders are not “reverse engineered”, but designed from first principle using mature and proven engineering methodologies taking cognisance of basic design parameters such as the required operational envelope of the PRS, the existing hydraulic sub-system into which it must integrate etc.

These requirements are analysed and incorporated as part of the design process, and verified through the testing of prototype cylinders. A detailed scope of work controls the design and manufacturing processes and our proven quality process and systems provide comprehensive documentation through all phases of the project.

Key features of NEPEAN Lnogwall’s PRS cylinders include:

  • Advanced stainless steel laser cladding available on selected cylinder rods
  • Hallite seals are included in each cylinder type
  • Comprehensive engineering and test program
  • Full destructive test program for each cylinder batch
  • Full documentation package for each cylinder batch including workshop records and back to batch heat certificates for materials