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PRS Order Bound for Queensland

NEPEAN Longwall has completed the manufacturing of another project for one of our Queensland customers, with the second set of Powered Roof Supports (from a total of 354) starting to leave the workshops of BMJ in China.

BMJ Roof Supports Arriving in Queensland

NEPEAN Longwall supplies longwall powered roof supports to Australia in close cooperation with leading Chinese powered roof support designer and manufacturer BMJ.

Armoured Face Conveyor Refurbishment

Our team at NEPEAN Longwall Rutherford is in the middle of the refurbishment of a complete armoured face conveyor. 

NEPEAN Rutherford BSL Overhaul

Our latest BSL Overhaul at Rutherford has seen the maingate drive frame installed and the maingate re-routers pans. The full BSL has been hosed up and electrical devices installed.

NEPEAN Longwall backs Craig Clarke

Craig Clarke is an underground coal longwall mining veteran and has been associated with NEPEAN Longwall over many years on various projects.

Open Day

During June, NEPEAN Longwall took the opportunity to throw open the doors of our Mackay facility and invite customers to come and have a look at the new shields we are supplying to Moranbah North Mine.

Instrumented Link

NEPEAN Longwall has recently been involved in a project that was conducted jointly with Glencore Coal Assets Australia to monitor longwall chain strain under operating conditions.

TCS Update

Tiefenbach is NEPEAN Longwall’s partner for the supply of longwall roof support control systems plus a variety of longwall valve components. In June, Tiefenbach announced they had won a tender for the supply of electrohydraulic control systems for the worlds largest roof support system. 

50mm Solid Profile Chain

NEPEAN Longwall has just delivered another two sets of Fasing 50mm Solid Profile Chain and Flights to a Queensland customer.

NEPEAN Longwall Moves Back Into Rutherford

Our NSW customers will be very pleased to hear that NEPEAN Longwall has returned to its purpose-built facilities in Rutherford. Our NSW Longwall Service Centre has been built to cater for extensive major overhaul demands for our NSW customers as the previous workshop in Hexham had limited capability.