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  • NEPEAN Longwall Moves Back Into Rutherford

NEPEAN Longwall


Our NSW customers will be very pleased to hear that NEPEAN Longwall has returned to its purpose-built facilities in Rutherford. Our NSW Longwall Service Centre has been built to cater for extensive major overhaul demands for our NSW customers as the previous workshop in Hexham had limited capability.

Our business in NSW has expanded, and we were pleased to move back into the offices at the Rutherford site in May 2020 at 64 Gardiner Street, Rutherford. A new 80 tonne crane is being installed in the building complimenting the two 20 tonne cranes and enabling full overhauls of all longwall equipment including maingate and tailgate drive frames and longwall powered roof supports.

It was the first time many of us had seen the workshop completely clear of jobs and it took just one week before the workshop was again filling up with a BSL overhaul! A big thank you to all our customers who supported us over the last couple of years, shoe-horning their overhauls through Hexham and we are planning an open day once COVID19 restrictions ease to celebrate the re-establishment of the business in the original site.