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NEPEAN Longwall


NEPEAN Longwall has a 20-year history of working with partner companies to provide for the complex requirements of the modern longwall system. Specialist suppliers have been selected who are in tune with the expectations of the Australian underground coal mining industry and are achieving world-class standards.

With strong local knowledge and a rich depth of experience in longwall system manufacturing, NEPEAN has proven its ability to introduce new products to the market and improve longwall performance through better technology. We leverage deep technical expertise with local and global sourcing in the right balance so we can offer world-class solutions, service and support to our valued customers.

Today the NEPEAN Group is an essential player in the global sourcing approach for major mining companies, and NEPEAN Longwall benefits from being able to engage the resources of the worldwide group of companies for sourcing, quality control, engineering, manufacturing and project management. When combined with globally sourced components leveraging better cost and efficiency, NEPEAN is bridging the gap between Australia and the world’s manufacturing powerhouses, to provide a competitive advantage like no other. As part of NEPEAN’s global strategy, we firmly believe in international partnerships for success and growth and look forward to further developing and building on our technology and manufacturing alliances worldwide.