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  • PRS Order Bound for Queensland

NEPEAN Longwall


NEPEAN Longwall has completed the manufacturing of another project for one of our Queensland customers, with the second set of Powered Roof Supports (from a total of 354) starting to leave the workshops of BMJ in China. These are bound for Queensland’s Bowen Basin and are due for arrival early in 2022. These supports have a 1391 tonne capacity and a working range of 1.8m to 2.2m, using 450mm bore diameter legs.

NEPEAN Longwall boasts a strong working relationship with BMJ China, spanning over ten years. As part of our process, we ensure there are NEPEAN Longwall staff on site at BMJ for the duration of the project.

 To find out more information on our Powered Roof Supports for Longwall Mines, please get in touch with our team.