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  • Armoured Face Conveyor Refurbishment

NEPEAN Longwall


Our team at NEPEAN Longwall Rutherford is in the middle of the refurbishment of a complete armoured face conveyor. The team is doing what we do best – working through pan by pan identifying wear or damage and repairing it ready for another longwall panel. The advantage of a complete panline arriving at our workshops is that our boilermakers know exactly what they are doing for the next 6 weeks! Our first panline sold into the Australian market was built right here in Rutherford in 2003 and delivered to Baal Bone Colliery at Lithgow NSW. It was warranted for 18,000,000 tonnes and performed to expectations. We have been using the cast side section design ever since and we see very little cracking in our pans as they perform year after year. The repairs tend to be around chain grooves and damage to cable trays. This overhaul is of a competitors product which follows the same philosophy!