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  • NEPEAN Rutherford BSL Overhaul

NEPEAN Longwall


Our latest BSL Overhaul at Rutherford has seen the maingate drive frame installed and the maingate re-routers pans. The full BSL has been hosed up and electrical devices installed. With our power capacity available in the workshop we have been able to install the BSL chain and flights and run the BSL drive to ensure the system runs smoothly. In this particular BSL, the DCB is mounted on an extended BSL pan section. Another feature of this BSL is the dust extraction system which is fully installed and tested.

This was all able to take place while another BSL compatibility was taking place in the same workshop space immediately adjacent to this one. Our project management and workshop personnel have had a full month of assembling, checking and testing. The end result is a BSL that has had the attention to detail poured into it to ensure a smooth delivery and underground commissioning process.