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NEPEAN Longwall


Tiefenbach is NEPEAN Longwall’s partner for the supply of longwall roof support control systems plus a variety of longwall valve components. In June, Tiefenbach announced they had won a tender for the supply of electrohydraulic control systems for the world’s largest roof support system. Based in China, The China Shenhua Group runs 152 sets of roof supports which are able to reach a height of 8.8m and weigh 100 tonnes each. Due to the extremely high demands made by the weight and size of the supports, Tiefenbach has developed new hydraulic components to compliment their existing range of products. The projected lead time is only about 3 months. The very short delivery time could only be realised in the planning stage, as more than 80% of the installed components are manufactured or processed within the Knapheide Group of companies. Tiefenbach Control Systems GmbH designs, distributes and manufactures at their headquarter in Bochum, Germany and 4 worldwide subsidiaries with approximately 140 employees, electro-hydraulic and hydraulic control units for application in the area of Mining, Offshore and Heavy Industry. Tiefenbach is part of the owner-managed Knapheide consortium from Beckum with more than 1000 employees.
Contact Brendan Wakefield in our Mackay Office for additional information about Tiefenbach products.